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When it comes to purchasing dog houses, the market is crowded with all kinds of dog houses and also comes in various materials. Whether you keep your pet either indoor or outdoor, you need a separate resting place for your dog in the form of a dog house. Apart from giving shelter for your loved pets, you also provide a private space for your dog to make them feel comfortable and secure from adverse weather conditions.

The article will mainly guide you on the Top 5 best outdoor dog houses and best insulated dog house in the market, their highs and lows, various shapes and sizes etc. Since there are lots of dog houses in the market in various shapes and sizes, it is often a tough task to choose the best outdoor dog house for your loved pets. This article will also look into the various factors that need to be considered before placing an order for your outdoor dog house.

Top 5 Best Outdoor Dog Houses Comparasion Table

NameWeather ResistantMaterialSize (in.)Price
Suncast DH350 Dog HouseYesDurable resin construction with crowned floor 33W x 38-1/2D x 32H $73.88
Extra Large Dog IglooYesMicroban, an antimicrobial to help prevent stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew43.8D x 34W x 25.8H in.$255.00
Aspen PetBarn 3Yes Tough plastic 39.9W x 29D x 29.5H$73.80
Arf Frame Dog House with Dark FrameYes Real WoodS/M/L 22.25W x 22D x 22.75H/ 27.25W x 20.75D x 29H/ 32.25W x 46D x 36H $74.66
Precision Small Dog HouseYesheavy-duty plastic 15W x 11.5 D x 0.5 H$19.98

Things to Consider before buying an Outdoor Dog House


One of the critical aspects of a perfect dog house is the quality of the dog house and make sure that the dog house is built using sturdy materials and comes with a robust structure. Make sure to buy a dog house that can withstand the weight of your dog along with other natural issues like wind, rain and heat.

Weather Resistant

Make sure to ensure that the dog house is resistant to all kinds of weather conditions. Look if the dog house is lined with structural foam ad it could mostly help in keeping the house warm during winter and cold during summer. Also, look for off-center entrances or rain-diverting rims to prevent rainwater entering the dog house.


When it comes to dog houses, they are constructed using various materials nowadays that you need to finalize it before going to purchase a dog house on your own. Make sure that the walls are waterproof to prevent rainwater from entering the dog house.


The Dog houses come in various sizes and make sure to check the dimensions of the box before placing an order for a dog house. An ideal dog house is one that provides a comfortable place for your dog to take rest, stand-up and also turn around.

1. Suncast DH350 Dog House

 Suncast DH350 Best Dog House

When it comes to making outdoor dog houses, Suncast is one of the best companies that creates ultimate outdoor dog houses. Suncast comes with a couple of dog house models including the DH250 and the DH350 with some minor changes in between the two of them. And the DH350 dog house is considered to be one of the best dog house ever. The DH350 comes with a removable roof for easy cleaning and maintenance and also includes vents in strategic points to improve the air circulation inside the dog house.

The dog houses don’t need any advanced installation as they are designed to snap together quickly so that both assembling and taking apart is so easy and can be completed within a couple of minutes. Made using durable resin construction, the DH350 provides a joyful house for your loved pet for all seasons. It is best suited for dogs up to 100 pounds and also comes with a vinyl door to keep your pet protected from other elements.

The dog house can also be personalized with the help of letters that comes with the package so that you can put your dog’s name on the house. The Dh350 also comes with door flaps that can be removed and added back comfortably into the housing unit. When compared to other outdoor dog houses in the market, the DH350 is definitely much cheaper and a reliable outdoor home for your beloved pet.


  • Snap-together design enables easy assembly in just minutes
  • Comes with easily removable door flaps
  • Personalize the dog house by adding the dog’s name on the front of the dog house with the letters that come included with the package

  • Ideally suited for dogs up to 100 pounds
  • Made using durable and long-lasting resin construction
  • Much cheaper than other models in the market


  • Not the ideal dog house during winter as it doesn’t provide any insulation
  • Need to invest separately in a self-heating pad for the doghouse during the winter season
  • With the rain flaps given inside the house, rain is easily guided into the dog house
  • Water flows in quickly as the thin floor cannot prevent water from entering the dog house

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2. Extra Large Dog Igloo

petmate dog house with microban extra large

The Petmate dog house comes with a dog house design that looks almost similar to an igloo. Even though the design is quite unusual, the whole idea behind the igloo design provides various advantages to your pet. It can be both used as an indoor or an outdoor dog house.

Constructed using durable Microban materials, the Petmate dog house also called as a dogloo is brilliantly designed to resist all kinds of weather conditions. The dogloo comes in 3 different sizes and can hold dog’s upto 125 pounds and is also available in both black and taupe colors. The microban material also helps in eliminating the stains and odors inside the dog house. The dog house also comes with a vent on top to enable air circulation inside the house and also helps in preventing the air from becoming stale inside the house. The Petmate dog house is also considered to be one of the best-insulated dog house for cold weather as it ensures warm air gets circulated inside the house during winter season.

Even professional kennels utilize the Petmate dogloo for its exceptional design and insulation capabilities that keep the dog secure during the colder days. Also, many igloo dog house review from the majority of the customers have been fairly positive. The offset doorway design also ensures your pet is largely protected from wind and rain. Installation is easy and simple and doesn’t require any special tools for installation. The floor of the house is slightly raised above the ground to prevent flooding. To ensure the dog house is warm and also to keep the rain out, an additional Petmate indigo Dog House Door can be bought separately and fitted to the entrance of the doghouse.


  • Made using microban materials to resist bacteria and odor causing germs to keep the dog house fresh with clean air
  • Expertly designed to withstand all kinds of temperature
  • Simple and easy installation in just minutes
  • Cleaning and maintenance is easy
  • Raised floor prevents flooding
  • Can accommodate door-flaps and self-heating pads
  • Comes with a highly durable design
  • Comes built with structural foam to provide the needed insulation inside the house
  • Extra large igloo dog houses or extra large dog igloo houses perfect for dogs


  • Bit expensive when compared to other outdoor dog houses on the market
  • Not ideal for stout dogs

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3. Aspen PetBarn 3

aspen pet dog house

The Aspen Pet PetBarn3 is another excellent dog house that can keep your beloved pet safe and secure. It comes in an attractive coffee color theme and features rims that divert rains from entering the dog house. The floor of the dog house is also slightly raised above the ground to prevent flooding. It also helps in preventing the debris from entering the dog house and also provides the needed insulation for your pet. Quick-snap design ensures installation can be completed within minutes as all parts easily snap together quickly without much effort. It also comes with in-built structural foam to keep your pet warm during winter and also cold during summer. The gas assisted molding ensures a longer life for the dog house.

The PetBarn3 comes in four different sizes to suit dogs of all sizes and breeds. Constructed using highly durable plastic along with rot-resistant plastic. Ventilation panels are also provided at strategic points to ensure constant air circulation inside the dog house. The strong frame keeps your pet safe and secure inside the dog house. The house can be easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance.


  • Comes in 4 different sizes
  • Made using high-quality durable plastic
  • Raised floor to prevent flooding and added installation inside the house
  • In-built structural foam keeps the house warm during winter and cold during summer
  • Rain-diverting rims prevent rain from entering the dog house
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Rear air ventilation ensures continuous air supply inside the dog house
  • Built with rot-resistant plastic to prevent the house from rotting


  • Open doorway make your pet wet when it rains outside
  • Not ideal in cold weather conditions

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4. Arf Frame Dog House with Dark Frame

aspen pet dog house

If you are looking for a trendy wood outdoor house for your dog, then you can definitely go for the Arf Frame Dog house. It is the ideal wood home for your dog and provides a comfortable place for your dog to stay. Unlike other dog houses, the Arf Frame Dog house is tighter house with not much space inside except for the dog to rest. If you are looking for a spacious dog house, may be you can consider the larger size to keep your pet comfortable inside the den. Before buying a dog house, always ensure that you are buying the right size of dog house that can make your dog feel safe, comfortable and secure inside the house. Make sure to check the dimensions of the house before placing an order for the house.

Made using a special type of wood called the “White cedar” that is known for its natural aroma, pest-resistance and excellent appearance. The Arf Frame dog house is also easy to assemble without the needing the aid of any special tools and provides a comfortable resting place for your beloved pet. It is the perfect outdoor dog house for your pet and is resistant to all kinds of weather conditions. It also comes in various sizes to choose from.


  • Made using high-quality white cedar wood that is non-toxic, aromatic and also pest-resistant
  • Looks elegant and is the ideal outdoor dog house for your dog
  • Raised floor prevents flooding inside the dog house and also prevents the wood from getting rotten during rain.
  • Highly durable and lightweight and easy to carry along wherever you go
  • An inner lining is provided inside the roof to enable waterproofing capabilities
  • Comes with a material and workmanship guarantee for one year
  • Simple and easy to assemble


  • Provides a pungent smell for some days

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5. Precision Small Dog House

Precision Pet 14.5 by 9.8-Inch Outback Dog House Door

If you are looking for a small and sleek dog house made in wood for your pet dog, then the Precision Small Dog house is the best choice.  It comes in a solid-wood construction that is highly durable and lasts for a long time. It also comes in four different sizes to suit dogs of all sizes and breeds. The off-center door to the dog house ensures that your dog house is always kept protected from bad weather conditions at all times. Assembling is pretty much simple as you need only a screw-driver to have the dog house installed in just 4 steps.


  • best dog house ever that comes with a raised floor to prevent flooding
  • Built using a solid-wood construction to provide shelter to your pet for a long time
  • Off-center entrance to the dog house protects your dog in all kinds of weather conditions
  • Ideal for small dogs
  • Weather-resistant coating in the wood enables it to resist all kinds of weather conditions.
  • Comes with adjustable plastic feet
  • Need only a screw driver to install the dog house in just 3-4 steps


  • Not suited for big sized dogs

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If you have a dog in your house then it is a must to have a separate resting place for your pet dog as it ensures the needed privacy for your dog as well as a safe and secure place for your pet. Hope the above article would have provided you with the needed guidance to choose the best outdoor dog house for hot weather as well as the best insulated dog house for cold weather.

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