Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal,Welcome to,Today we will talk about asbestos health risk,Asbestos removal process,costs,and some common issues that arise in relation to asbestos removal.

Asbestos Removal

#1 What Is Asbestos?

You may have heard of asbestos,as this hazardous material that can be found in old homes and’s been used commercially in North America for over 100 years,but now,in 2019,United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is evaluating the material as a “high priority risk” with the potential to ban it entirely.

So,what is asbestos? and why is it so dangerous?

I’m guessing you,like me,have no idea what asbestos actually is,other than a scary carcinogen,right?

Asbestos was first identified in ancient Greece by one of Aristotel’s students in 300 BCE.He noted it looked like rotten wood and had remarkable resistance to fire,even when doused with oil!

Asbestos isn’t a chemical or human-made substance,it’s stone…actually it’s a group of six naturally-occurring silicate minerals found in rock and soil in 900 different regions of the US alone.

Asbestos is a stronger than steel,soft,fire-resistant mineral,that doesn’t biodegrade,decompose,disolve in water,or evaporate.No wonder asbestos is in everything,it’s a wonderful material!

But not all asbestos are created equal : Amosite is ‘brown’ asbestos,Crocidolite is ‘blue’ asbestos,and Chrysotile is ‘white’ asbestos.The other three types come in a variety of colors and are actinolite,anthophyllite and tremolite.

According to Scientific American,the “strongest and stiffest” are brown,blue asbestos as well the other three,but the white asbestos is “softer and more flexible”.Because of that flexibility,the white asbestos is used in 95 percent of asbestos products!

Even though it looks like wood or fibers,again,asbestos is technically a mineral! It’s made of chains of silicon and oxygen atoms with other elements (calcium,iron,magnesium) incorporated in,with change its properties slightly.

Because of these amazing properties,the asbestos family of mineral have been used in heat-resistant fabric,paints and plastics,paper products,car brakes and clutches,and in building materials,such as roofing,siding,flooring and insulation.

And this is where we get to the problems…

#2 Understanding the Dangers of Asbestos

Asbestos Removal - Dangers

While asbestos is basically indestructible under normal circuimstances,human bodies are not so much.If asbestos crumbles and gets into the air it breaks into tiny,thin threads,which are still indestructible,just smaller now…

If those threads become air or waterbone,they can get swallowed or lodged in the lungs,causing problems.This is why people who work with asbestos-containing products,say in building construction run risk.

They’re dealing with a high concentration of the material,and are more likely to get it in their body.You’d expect that inhaling fibers would cause symptoms like coughing,sneezing,or itching,but this is the scary bit.

Asbestos inhalation doesn’t really have any symptoms! It doesn’t dissolve,melt or evaporate,and minerals don’t have odor! So you can’t see,feel or taste asbestos fibers.This is why people who work with asbestos have to take special care and use protective equipment,You don’t want this stuff in your body.

According to OSHA,the Occupational Safety and Health Administration,asbestos exposure it’s a hazard for about 1.3 milion construction workers in the U.S.The EPA describes asbestos as a “known carcinogen” that is,a chemical that can cause cancer after exposure.

The health effects from these indestructible fibers entering the body include several types,
Lung Cancer,Mesothelioma,a rare form of cancer that developes in the lining of the lungs.and asbestosis a serious,long-term disease of the lungs.

According to a meta-analysis from the journal American Family Physician,there are approximately 200,000 cases in the US of asbestosis annually,and over 6000 deaths from asbestosis,lung cancer and mesothelioma combined related to asbestos exposure.

We’ve been regulating asbestos in the United States since the 1970s.We check for it in “drinking waters”,schools,some consumer products,and workplace air”. A few uses of asbestos are even banned under existing regulations,like certain paper products and spray-on materials.

But even if the EPA decides to ban it entirely,there will still be asbestos in places like old’s incredible that is naturally-occuring ancient material gas been used so many things over the centuries and it turns out it was killing us the whole time.We just have to keep looking for it as best as we can.

#3 Why Is Asbestos Removal Important?

a lot of people get concerned that a single fiber might cause some an asbestos related disease.However,the ease of background level of fibres in air and everybody has some exposure.So,everybody has already had exposure to,depending on the age,thousand and indeed milions of fibres as a background level.

Respirable fibers are the fibers that we are most concerned about in terms of asbestos related desease,these are the very tiny fibres that can penetrate to the deepest part of the lungs.

Asbestos Removal - Respirable fibres

If you look at the illustration here of the human hair,and the tiny little pink beads that are shown,there those are given as an indication of the size of a respirable fiber.So,you can see that they are much smaller than a hair and they are invisible to the naked eye.But they are the type of fiber that causes disease and they are the ones that we need to eliminate exposure to as far as practicable.

Asbestos Removal - different risk situations

In this diagram,it’s shows how the general public has a very low risk promise of asbestos related disease if they are exposed to a very low background level or fiber in the air.And it explains different risk situations.

So,Asbestos Removal really important beacuse Asbestos Is Widely Present and Asbestos Harms Your Health.

#4 Tips for Hiring an Asbestos Removal Company

Asbestos Removal Company

Please don’t playing with asbestos material if you didn’t know about asbestos,if you think that your house contains several asbestos material,you should check it properly.You can browse many Asbestos Removal services,but mkae sure they have asbestos licences.

Asbestos is so dangerous,any particles from asbestos will harm people life.Because we can’t found asbestos easily in our building,so we need an expert guys to solve it.

In your house,you can have it removed,Remember,asbestos is toxic so you must hire a proffesional,never try to remove or repair these stuff by your self.They also need to visit the work site frequently to make sure the work is being done properly.You need to get a written contracts that lists,the details of the work and the clean up.It should include the federal,state,and local regulations that need to be followed and that includes notification and disposal procedures.

#5 Asbestos Removal Costs

asbestos removal costs

Going to need to do from this point is find a certified asbestos consultant,the cost to remove this stuff is going to be determined by the amount that has to be remove.So,if you have a lot of it,it’s gonna be really expensive,and if you have a little bit it’s still gonna be expensive.

Typicaly asbestos removal runs in the thousand,probably one of the most things about this situation is that homeowners insurance,the policies typically don’t cover espesially removal.but it’s not all bad,what you can do is check with your state agencies and ask them if they have any kind of financial aid that you can participate in,like grants or loans.

Asbestos Removal is not cheap but it also depends on your circumstances,a little shopping around for the right contactor can save you a lot of money.And how serious it is,you are looking at fees from $1500 to over $20000,some abatement contractors have a minimum fee,so be sure to search around and ask what that fee is.

Some only charge $500 for the removal of a small amount of asbestos,to know everything is legit,hire an inspector first,be sure to seal off the work area and mark it as hazardous,so no one walks in that area by mistake.It is possible to do it on your own,but you need to check with your local and state health departments to see if they offer training programs.

To sum up,all asbestos doesn’t need to be removed immediately,but where the economics case stacks up is the best action in reducing asbestos exposure,thak you for read this Asbestos Removal article,see you in next posts.

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