Top 5 Best Puppy Pads in 2018

If you have ever raised a puppy, you probably know the joy that comes with it. But you also know the kind of mess that comes with raising a puppy, don’t you?

Raising a well-adjusted pup revolves mostly around the housebreaking process. If you don’t want to come home to a “surprise” on the carpet, it’s best to teach your puppy to relieve herself at a proper time and place.

In the housebreaking process, there are bound to be some accidents, and puppy pee pads can help you manage them more easily. How can you be sure you chose the right puppy pads for you? Keep reading to find out!

Why Puppy Pads?

If you are a new dog owner, puppy pee pads can be an easy, cleanable solution for when your puppy needs to pee and poop. You may also want to train your dog to relieve herself outside and ask to be let out when she needs to go, but here is the reason you may choose to go with puppy pee pads when your puppy is still learning these things:

  • You’re out for longer periods of time – Unless you are working from home, you will most likely have to leave your pet home alone while you are at work. Your new puppy will probably not be able to hold it in for so long, thus leaving a puppy pad out gives your puppy a convenient place to relieve herself, and spares you the cleaning of possible “accidents” when you get home.

  • You live in an unpleasant weather area – Super hot temperatures, heavy storms, very strong wind – those are all weather conditions in which neither you or your puppy want to go out. Pee pads are an option in such cases of emergency.

  • You don’t have access to an appropriate outdoor spot – If you are living somewhere where it isn’t easy to take your pup outside quickly (like upper floors of a high building), or if your canine hasn’t had all her medications and vaccinations yet, you probably don’t want to run the risk of taking your new pup outside.

  • Your puppy pees at inconvenient times – It is common for puppies to pee when they are excited, when their owner comes home, or when they are showing submission. If your pup exhibits this kind of behavior, it may be good to have a couple of pee pads lying around.

It is obvious that dog pee pads can be a helpful tool in the housebreaking process, but there are also some downsides to consider:

  • Your puppy may think the pad is a toy.
  • Pads may not be ideal for larger dogs who urinate more and more often.
  • Your puppy may end up exclusively preferring peeing and popping inside, rather than outside.

The last point is important because if your dog ends up always going inside to pee or poop on a pad, it defeats the purpose of housebreaking and having a puppy pee pad. For this reason, it is important to know the right way to use a pee pad.

Housebreaking and Puppy Training Pads

There are a lot of theories about housebreaking a puppy in a humane and effective way. However, there are a few basic rules for teaching your pup to use a pad:

  • Never yell at or punish your dog, be calm and assertive. If you catch your puppy in the act, put her on the pad and say the “go potty” command. Do this consistently, as it is the most important in the housebreaking process.

  • Put the pad away from her bed, in a designated space for her in your home.
  • Take a spare towel, dab it her urine and place it under the pad. Her scent will guide her.
  • Get the right size  – Logically, small dog – small pad, large dog – large pad.
  • If it’s been a while since your pup relieved, or it looks to you like she might need to go soon, put her on the pad and say something like “Go potty.” If you do this every time, your puppy will eventually learn, and it will help her go.

  • If your puppy relieves herself on the pad, reward her with praise or a little treat. Give her more freedom around the home when you notice she is consistently using the pad and not having accidents.

  • Once your puppy is housebroken and you want to train her to go outside, take a soiled pad and put it outside in a designated spot for your dog. Reward her for using the bathroom outdoors. This way, she should eventually be able to go without the pad.

If you want to be extra sure you are training your dog correctly, you can take your puppy to a dog trainer or a local puppy class. Sometimes a little bit of individual help is all you need. There is a video down below on a few training tips, so make sure to check it out.

Top 5 Best Puppy Pads

Four Paws Wee-Wee Pet Training and Puppy Pads 22" x 23"57/10/14/30/50/150/2008.76$ - 42.99$
Bulldogology Puppy Pee Pads with Adhesive Sticky Tape for Large Dogs 24"x24"615/20/100/15014.97$-56.97$
Fast-Absorbing Multi-Layer Dog Training Pee Pads23.5" x 17.75" and 23.5 x 17.7553027.95$ or 29.94$ (XXL)
Deluxe Puppy Pads and Dog Training Pad with Extra Quick-Dry Black Carbon Technology23" x 22"58022.97 or 26.97$
All-absorb Extra Large Training Pads 28 "x 34"54019,93$

1. Four Paws Wee-Wee Pet Training and Puppy Pads

Four Paws Wee-Wee Pet Training

Maintaining a clean, pleasant home can be challenging when you have a pet. Four Paws makes safe, effective products to sanitize your home, help train your dog, and generally make life easier. Wee-Wee Pads are treated with a special additive designed to attract your dog when nature calls. These 5-ply pet training pads offer 100% leak-proof guarantee. The quick-dry surface prevents your puppy from getting urine or fecal matter on her paws. It has a built-in attractant scent which helps your puppy relieve herself on the pad. Their size is best for small and medium-sized dogs.

Four Paws also offers a range of other pee pads for your puppy’s specific needs, such as Standard, Odor Control, Super Absorbent, Gigantic, X-Large, Little Dogs, and Decor.

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2. Bulldogology Puppy Pee Pads with Adhesive Sticky Tape for Large Dogs

Bulldogology Puppy Pee Pads with Adhesive Sticky Tape for Large Dogs

These pads are suitable for large dogs and claim to be super absorbent. They have 6-ply layering with Bullsorbent® Polymer Tech material which prevents leakage. Puppy pee pads can often slide around and make an even bigger mess, which is why these pads have special adhesive tape. The tape helps the pad stay in place, but be cautious since it is very sticky.

Bulldogology pads have odor eliminators to get rid of unpleasant scents, and attractants to help your puppy know where to go. The best of all is that the seller offers a 110% MONEYBACK GUARANTEED If for any reason your not happy with these premium puppy training pads.

Bulldogology Pet Solutions puppy training pads are safe for any breed and are manufactured under strict guidelines to ensure both quality and durability.

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3.  Fast-Absorbing Multi-Layer Dog Training Pee Pads

Fast-Absorbing Multi-Layer Dog Training Pee Pads

These pads are extra-large, which means they are intended for large puppies, but they can also be used for any size dog. They are multi-layered, which makes them super-absorbent, meaning they won’t leak or spill, thus protecting your floors from damage and allowing multiple uses if necessary.

The pads come with a free puppy training full of tips and tricks on housebreaking.


– Big enough Target Size: 23.5 x 17.75in (60 x 45cm).
– Big enough target for any dog, no leaks or runoff
– Best for indoor apartment and outdoor housebreaking training, even on artificial patches of grass!
– Multi-layer, fast-absorbing material that prevents urine from dampening the floor below.
– Helps with incontinence issues, no leakage.
-If you have to use puppy pads on an ongoing basis because your dog has to be left alone sometimes, these pads will do the job!
– And remember that a portion of your order helps contribute to our annual donation to the Humane Society.

Pads didn’t meet expectations?

Get a full refund and keep the extra pads as a thank you for trying them. The company claims to stand behind the bold quality and absorption guuarantee. Try them risk free now.

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4.  Deluxe Puppy Pads and Dog Training Pad with Extra Quick-Dry Black Carbon Technology

Deluxe Puppy Pads and Dog Training Pad with Extra Quick-Dry Black Carbon Technology

These pads use fast-absorbing and odor-locking carbon technology which makes it almost impossible for any spillage to happen. They are available in either large or “gigantic” size and intended to absorb twice as much and twice as fast, which makes them ideal for bigger dogs, and dogs with poor bladder control.

They also contain pheromone technology to help soothe your puppy during training, which can be stressful.

The color of the pads is black, which may help keep your puppy’s waste looking more discreet.

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5.  All-absorb Extra Large Training Pads 28-inch By 34-inch

All-absorb Extra Large Training Pads 28-inch By 34-inch

These pads are extra large and have a built-in odor neutralizer. They are ideal for young puppies who are left alone for longer periods of time and need a lot of trips to the pee pad. The pads can also be used for older larger dogs who have difficulties walking or controlling their bladder.

There are 5 layers. The first layer is made of non-woven cloth, which allows dog urine flow through to the absorbent core quickly. The second layer is made of paper tissue, added with dog attractant and baking soda. The third layer is a mix of super-absorbent polymer and fluff pulp, which forms the absorbent core that can absorb and turn dog urine to gel instantly. The absorbent core can hold 3 cups of liquid. The fourth layer is also made of paper tissue. The back layer is made of water-proof PE film, which prevents wetting your floor.

These pads have and extra-absorbent core that can hold 3 cups of liquid. Absorbed urine is quickly turned into gel, which helps to avoid leaking. The top of the pad is fast-drying, which means your puppy’s paws will also remain dry and not carry waste through your house.

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How to Potty Train Your Pup With Potty Pads (VIDEO)

Here is a short video from Chewy that explains how to familiarize your pup

You can get Dogit Training Pad Holder on Amazon for $18.54

Dogit Training Pad Holder

To conclude: if you want to use puppy pee pads, make sure they are the best ones for your dog! 

If a pup is a recent addition to your home, it is bound to be a wonderful, fun, and messy experience. Consider buying pee pads to help you and your pup make the experience a lot less messy and a lot more fun!