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So you’ve decided to get a dog, or you’ve had one for quite some time. As with humans, one of the basic necessities for the survival of a canine is the shelter. Whether you like it or not, that dog has become a part of your family now and has to be treated as such. One of the ways to do this is to provide food, love, care, and shelter. Many dog owners allow their furry pals to live in the house with them; this is one option. There are doghouses that can be placed outside the house to give your dog privacy, and also to protect it from various weather conditions.

If you prefer to have a separate dwelling for your dog, naturally you’d have to consider features like size, material, insulation etc. dog houses can be made from various materials; wood, plastic, hardwood, resin etc. Dog houses specifically built for indoor usage tend to be less durable and fancy; making it complement the appearance of the living room or wherever it is placed.

Dog House Buying Guide

I get pretty excited when I go out to shop for stuffs; excited to the extent that I might end up buying a whole lot of unnecessary items and not one important item. In other cases, I end up buying stuffs because of their shiny looks and completely forgetting about functionality. That is why I have inculcated the habit of always going to the store with a checklist (yes, I’m no fun).

In this section, I will give you some notes to keep in mind or on paper before heading out to shop for a doghouse.


This seems like a no-brainer but you’ll never know. A neighbor of mine bought a doghouse for his mastiff and 3 months later, the house couldn’t accommodate the dog; it had outgrown it. Always anticipate growth when you shop for a doghouse except you own a fully grown dog; growth is one of the characteristics of living things after all. Except of course you own a breed like the Chihuahua that doesn’t grow to be too big. In this case, you’ll have to look for a small dog house for sale and not an extra-large one. Check the chart below

Still talking about size, the inside of the doghouse should be spacious enough for the dog to stand and lay down comfortably. The opening/door should also be adequate for your dog to pass through without interruptions. For example, the aspen petbarn 3 dog house comes in four sizes; extra small, small, medium, and large and can accommodate a dog that weighs up to 90 pounds. If your dog exceeds these sizes specified, it is best to look for other options.


This is a very important factor that influences so many purchase decisions. Is cheap really cheap? Consider a man who is presented with two laptops. One is cheap while the other is a little expensive but is more efficient and guaranteed to deliver. He opts for the cheap one and after some time it begins to develop faults and he spends money on repairs. Is cheap really cheap?

Before going for that doghouse because it is the cheapest among the lot, consider the following;

  • A cheap dog house might not have insulation
  • The whole structure tends to look cheap and weak
  • They are usually made of less durable material


There are insulated dog houses and those without insulation. Insulated dog houses provide something that stands in-between the dog and the hard material the doghouse might be made of. The insulation in the walls, floor and ceiling will do a better job of keeping extreme weather elements out of your dog’s abode; or reduce it significantly.

Dog houses without insulation tend to be cheaper. Such a dog house is the only barrier between the dog and the weather outside, thus the effects will be felt more by the dog. As far as comfort is concerned, insulated dog houses win it for me and most dog owners.


The location you intend to place the dog house should inform your choice when shopping. Will it be placed inside your house or outside? Doghouses made for indoor use are usually made of soft materials and made to look really nice. You don’t want a tacky-looking structure in your house now do you? Outdoor dog houses on the other hand are made to be tough thus they are made with materials like hard plastic and hard wood.

Bear in mind that not all outdoor dog houses can withstand direct contact with the elements thus need to be put under cover, like under a patio for instance. There are also hybrid dog houses that can be used both indoors and outdoors.


In the beginning of this post, I listed some materials that dog houses can be made with. The strength and durability of a dog house largely depends on the material used in the construction. A dog house made with hard wood or hard plastic can withstand harsh weather conditions; one made from cheap plastic won’t hold on well, its best bet would be under a covering.

A dog house made from neoprene, fine wood, poly fabric or any other soft material is best suited for indoor usage for obvious reasons. The aspen petbarn 3 is a plastic dog house made of durable and sturdy plastic.


The shape of a doghouse doesn’t really matter much to me but it does to some people. Dog houses are usually built in either of two shapes

  • Box-shaped dog house
  • Igloo-shaped dog house

The box shaped dog house is the regular one you see in most homes and shops. It usually has a door to the far right or far left, some of them have doors in the middle but this is not ideal. The igloo-shaped dog houses on the other hand have a circular floor and usually a dome-shaped ceiling. There are small, medium and extra-large igloos for various sizes of dogs. Some houses are barn-shaped like the aspen petbarn 3, others can be designed in certain ways to beautify them for aesthetic purposes.


Your furry companion has become a part of your family and should be accorded some care and comfort. Comfort can be in form of a comfortable dog house for its protection and privacy. When it comes to dog houses, go all out to provide him a worthy abode because it is not something you do every day. For people that like their dogs to spend more time in a dog house, bear in mind that the level of comfort present in that house might influence its decision to spend time in it or not.

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