Effects of Divorce On Children

PawDazzle.net – Effects of Divorce On Children ,Every 36 Seconds in America a couple goes through a divorce,Between 45% and 50% of first marriages end in divorce.40% of those marriages are between couples with children,the effect of divorce on those children can be devastating.

Effects of Divorce On Children

Divorce,we hear about it all the time,read about it in magazines and newspaper,we see it on TV,we hear about it on radio and we even see it happen in our own families and to our friends.

Divorce is so common,these day 50% of marriage end in divorce.What most people don’t think about is what happens through the children after the divorce.Is the divorce actually googd for the child or bad for the child ?

Divorce affects each dial differently,but one thing is for sure divorce frequently affect the child’s shcool work,self esteem,religious views,relationship,behaviour and his or her future.

Many people argue that divorce only has short-term effects child and that children are resilient and recover quickly.These same people also believe that divorce is positive because children are not in a home with unhappy parents who are fighting.

I was dressed that people would change their opinion after hearing these startling statistics.

  • An incredible 63% of youth suicides come from a single parents home.
  • Shockingly,80% of rapists are motivated by displaced anger coming from a single parent home.
  • An outstanding,71% of high school dropouts come from single parent home
  • Girls coming from single parent home a 6.6 times more likely to become a teenaged mother.
  • And unfortunnately,85% of youth and prison come from single parent home

That you are wondering,what can be done the stuff is serious traumatic and life-altering.Marriages should be saved more often than they are.We have established that divorce maybe good for the parents going to leave the child feeling terrified,angry,and devastated for the rest of his or her life.

There are countless strategies that can be utilized to avoid divorce

First,before a couple gets married,you should evaluate every aspect of their decision.They should evaluate why they are getting married and think about the consequences that could arise from the marriage.

Couple should avoid getting married on a whim or spur of the moment,If a couple is alreadt married they should seek help from a marriage counselor.We need to ask ourselves what we do as individuals to help with this issue.

If someone you know is thinking about getting a divorce,there are numerous tactics you can use to help the situation.When a couple is in denial,the goal is to have one both of them to open up to the situation.So they can discuss and realize there is a problem.

It is key to couple knows that it is okay to their experiencing problems,and that everyone experiences problem.You can also help by getting your friend or family member away from the situation by taking them to lunch,a movie or even a short vacation.This will allowed and sickly their head and think rationally about the situation.

You can also encourage the couple to write down their thoughts and feelings journal.mine in the couple with reasons why i got married in the first place may also be helpful.You alleviate stress from the couple or volunteering to babysit their children.so couple has change to be alone and talk through the situation.

The most important thing to remember while helping the couple,stay neutral and not take sides.there a few barriers that may prevent someone from helping the couple.When people do not want to get involved with a couple issues.they may think that it’s not their place to get involved.Some people may want to help a couple work through their issues that they don’t know how to go about it.a couple may not be able to afford a marriage counselor.

If we want set up a couple who is thinking about going through a divorce or it is going through a divorce,these are the key ways to help.

  1. Remove one or both of the parents from situation
  2. Encourage them to write in a journal
  3. Encourage the couple to seek a counselor
  4. Elevate stress by watching their children
  5. Remind them why they got married in the first place
  6. Stay neutral.don’t take sides

As you seem,divorce has light brown negative impact our child,more needs to be done to educate people about the consequences of divorce.And the reasons why it should be avoided as possible.

With the divorce rate being as it is,it’s grab to think that 50% of marriages end in divorce,that billions if not trillions of the world’s children suffer as a result of this phenomenon.

As expert Elizabeth Marquardt once wrote,There is such thing as the necessary but there is no such thing as a good divorce.

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