Exercises to Relieve Back Pain

PawDazzle.net – Exercises to Relieve Back Pain,You know,back pain is very common complain.that many people have to live with,and exercising is the best way to deal with it.

Exercises to Relieve Back Pain

What is back pain?

Back pain is something that occurs in your spinal region,it can originate from muscles,nerves,bones and joints.

What Are The Types of Back Pain ?

It can be classified by it’s anatomical location.That is Neck pain,Middle back pain,Lower back pain and tail bone pain.

It can also be classified by its duration,if it is less than 12 weeks it is Acute Back Pain.if it is more than 12 weeks (Chronic Back Pain),and anything between 6 to 12 weeks is Sub Acute Back Pain.

And the back pain can be classified according to the cause as well.

  1. Nonspesific back pain
  2. Spesific Back pain

Nonspesific backpain means,the cause cannot precisely be defined.Spesific back pain means,the spesific cause for the back pain is able to be defined.

What are the signs for back pain ?

Back pain as such do not require immediate medical intervention,most of them are self-limiting and non progressive.it results within a period of 2 to 6 weeks.

But mind you,back pain can be a sign of a serious medical disorder as well.Typical warning of a back pain associated with severe medical condition,or serious illness is your bladder and bowel movement disturbances.

Another signs associated with back pain which could be due to a serious medical condition is high pever and unexplained weight loss over a short period of time.

At times the back pain is also correlated with psychosocial factors like on-the-job stress and dysfunctional famiy relationships.

What are potential causes of back pain ?

The most common cause is the skeletal muscle pool or strain,skeletal muscle spasm or muscle imbalance.It is the synovial joint the spinal cord is in a bony structure.So,the synovial associated those bony structures,that’s the second most common cause related to back pain.

Other less common causes include degenerative disc disease,spinal disc herniation,osteoarthritis,lumbar spinal stenosis,trauma,fractures due to trauma,cancer and infection.

How to diagnose back pain ?

Mainly,it’s the clinical sypmtom that the patient presents with the history of the particular symptom.It can be assisted with other investigations like x-ray,CT scan and MRI.

What are the treatments for back pain ?

The treatment can be medical,non medical and surgical.the non medical treatment includes heat radiation therapy and cold compression therapy.

The medication includes and saves that is the painkillers with or without muscle relaxants,postural therapy and Exercises to Relieve Back Pain,postural exercises at times can help the patient to a great extent.

If you can give 15 minutes a day most days a week,that you’re gonna really feel some dividends in the long you’re back.Exercises is important for stabilizing our low back pain and preventing the stresses and injurious pocesses that cause us pain in the low back and the legs.

so,if you want to forget what back pain is once and for all,put on your sportswear and get ready for some action,Here’s 7 Exercises to Relieve Back Pain.

Exercise #1 Squeezing Shoulder Blades

Squeezing Shoulder Blades

This is really great for posture for tension in the base of neck and the upper back,what you want to do is squeeze the shoulder blades down and back.

And think about your elbows going into your back pockets,we should do this 10 times,10 repetitions and hold for five seconds.This is such a great exercise for tension in the shoulders in the upper back.One tip about this exercise is not to shrug the shoulders and hold them up.

Exercise #2 Single Knee to Chest

Single Knee to Chest

It’s a stretch while lying on the back,hold your knee and gently pull it up towards your chest.It’s important to focus on drawing in the stomach,trying to keep the small of the black flat on the table or on the ground.

We don’t want to feel any sharp pain in the back or in the legs while doing this maneuver,but it’s a real nice stretch of the hips in the low back area,like to do this 10 repetitions,holding for five seconds and keeping the off leg bent or flexed.

Helps to keep some of the stresses down in the low back while performing this stretching Exercises to Relieve Back Pain,we just want a gentle stretch in the gluteal area and in the low back.

Exercise #3 Cat and Camel

Cat and Camel

While you’re on your hands and knees in a crawl position,raise up your back and arch it to the ceiling.Next return to a lowered position and arch your back in the opposite direction.

As you’re going up into the camel position you want to think about drawing in the abdominal,the stomach muscles slightly,pulling in the belly button.you want to repeat this for a total of 10 times and hold each position for five seconds.

This is a great stretch to work on pelvic range of motion and mobility,stretching out the entire spine,doing this cat and camel you want to feel a nice gentle stretch in your back and never any sharp pains in back.

Exercise #4 Bridging


While lining on your back,tighten the lower abdominal stomach muscles and squeeze the buttocks and slowly raise the buttocks of the floor.This should be pain free and you want to hold the position for five seconds and then slowly lower the back,back down to the table or to the floor.

This is a really good way of tightening up the abs and gaining strength to stabilize the lumbar spine

Exercise #5 Lower Trunk Rotations

Lower Trunk Rotations

During the lower trunk rotations,you want to lie on your back with your knees bent and gently rock the knees side to side to the left and to the right.You don’t want to be experiencing any sharp pain in the back of the legs.

You want to feel a gentle stretch in the low back,you want to be doing this 10 times each side.Holding for three to five seconds.During the exercise,you want focus on keeping the shoulders down on the table or on the ground and not raising them up,keeping the upper back flat on the table while you’re performing the stretch.

This is a great stretch to restore spinal mobility and strengthen the stomach muscles and the flank muscles,repeating 10 times each side and holding for three to five seconds.

Exercise #6 Standing Extensions

Standing Extensions

One good Exercise to Relieve Back Pain is called standing extensions,while standing with the hands on the hips,leaning the back gently to arch the back.Holding for 2,3,4 or 5 seconds and repeating 10 times.

There should be no sharp pain in the back or down the legs,the goal is a nice comfortable range of motion.Stretching out the stomach muscles,opening up the hips.for all these exercise,the goal should be normal breathing,disclaimer is that you should avoid a feeling of sharp in the back or down the legs.

Exercise #7 Quadruped Alternate Arm and Leg

Quadruped Alternate Arm and Leg

This is quadruped alternate arm and leg,sometimes known as Superman pose,

Well in the crawling position,you slowly draw your leg and opposite arm upwards,the arm and leg should be straight and fully outstretched,held for a count of five.

This is a great strengthening exercise for core stability,while you doing this you want think about drawing in the stomach,keeping the small of the back flat as possible and horizontal as possible.It’s wonderful exercise for core strength.

We’re not looking for a washboard stomach,we’re looking for a set of easy Exercises to Relieve Back Pain that have high dividends to preventing low back pain.

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