A well behaved and the trained dog does not start peeing accidentally, there must be some reasons for this. Determining the right reasons may help effectively stop him from a dog from peeing in the house. Dogs that soil the house intermittently from the time they were first obtained may not have properly house-trained. There might be the following reasons for a dog peeing in the house.

Possible Reasons for a Dog Peeing in the House

  • A change in the family.

A member of the family leaving the house, a birth or death may cause strain in many dogs.

  • Home renovations

Remodeling the house and coming of strangers to houses may cause behavior change in the dogs.

  • Changes in routine

Dogs feel relaxed and normal when going with the daily schedule. Change in schedule or irregularity can be difficult for a dog to cope with this.

  • Hormone abnormality

Middle-aged and old aged females can have hormone irregularities that lead to lack of estrogen.

  • Other health problems

It can include infections and tumors of the bladder or anxiety.

How to Determine the Reason?

There might be any reason for a dog peeing in the house. To determine the right reason, check the followings:

  • When did last time the dog urinated in the house?

  • What kind of food he had before urinating?

  • What irregularities in the schedule occurred lastly?

  • What happened in last week with your dog?

The above questions give some specific information about the dog that can lead to the cause of urinating in the house.

How to Stop a Dog from Urinating in the House?

There are two specific types house-urinating, submissive and excitement urination. Submissive urination occurs when a person approaches or stands over with dogs. A dog not only urinates but may show other signs of disaffection and discontent like a retraction of lips and ears back. This type of urination can be seen in puppies and young female dogs. Owner engrossment in the form of punishment only increases the problem making the dog more disobeying. Excitement urination is like the submissive urination except for this type of urination occurs when someone greets or show affection to the dog.

Methods to prevent the dog from urinating in the house are same as that of house training. House urinating can be prevented by proper training and scheduling the routine. The behavior of dogs depends upon how the dogs have been trained and in which environment it is been kept during house training and what kind of behavior is been of the owner. Maintaining the schedule keeps the dog’s habits of eating food and eliminating regular and steady. Feeding schedules can be regulated to improve and control the situation. After a dog eats, he will usually eliminate in 15 to 30 minutes. Dogs that eat free-choice often need to relieve themselves at the variety of times throughout the day. Dogs that feed more than one or two times eliminate in the more predictable way. Feeding the dog with fewer liquids can be helpful. Confining the area of urinating to a specific part of the house may help.

Some dogs pee in their crates. Since the purpose of a crate is to keep the place for sleeping. To avoid peeing in the crate keep the dog away from crate after feeding. Don’t put the dog in the crate after coming from a walk.

The background of where the dog has been housebroken determines the behavior and urinating habits. The key to effective prevention is proper training. If you find your dog peeing, take him to an appropriate place. Admire him if he urinates in an appropriate place. Give him reward in the form of food. You should not have allowed going where he has previously urinated unless supervised by owner. Because odors might attract the dog and stimulate him to urinate again.

If your dog urinates when you are away then your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety. The dog should be taken to dog care center to keep him busy and mentally distracted from anxiety.

Don’t punish after the dogs have urinated on an inappropriate place. Punishment administered even a minute after the event is ineffective be because your pet won’t understand why they are punished. Don’t take them over to the spots and yell and rub their nose in them. They won’t associate the punishment with something they have done hours ago.

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